Government ‘treats UK Christians differently to Christians abroad’

12 October 2021

Christian nurse Mary Onuoha is challenging a London NHS Trust after facing repeated pressure to remove or cover up her cross and being ‘treated like a criminal’.

The Christian Legal Centre’s Roger Kiska speaks to Revelation TV about her case and the general increase in discrimination against Christians in the UK. He comments: “Over the past few years, we’ve seen an exponential increase in the number of enquiries. We had about 1000 enquiries just last year, which amounted to dozens of cases. … There’s certainly a distinction between how the government is dealing with persecution abroad versus how it’s doing with intolerance and discrimination within the UK.”

However, Roger encouraged UK Christians not to lose hope: “As long as there’s the gospel, there’s hope. Britain is still free. We have freedom of speech and freedom of religion – you’ve just got to know your rights.”

Supported by the Christian Legal Centre, Mary is challenging Croydon Health Services NHS Trust on the grounds of harassment, victimisation, direct and indirect discrimination and constructive unfair dismissal.

10 October 2021
Revelation TV

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