Disgraced Rotherham councillor lands NHS diversity job

6 January 2023

Tim Dieppe comments on news that a Rotherham councillor who suppressed debate on grooming gangs has now been appointed to the NHS in a diversity role.

Back in 2015, Louise Casey published her report of the inspection she led into the compliance of Rotherham Council following the appalling revelations of extensive sexual exploitation of young girls by largely Pakistani grooming gangs. More than 1,500 girls were found to have been systematically abused in the town by these gangs.

Amongst many other findings, the report named Labour Councillor Mahroof Hussain as one of those Pakistani members of the council who had “supressed discussion” of grooming gangs “for fear of upsetting community relations.” He was subsequently forced to resign his cabinet position at Rotherham Council.

This week, an investigation by GB News revealed that this very same Mahroof Hussain has now landed a job as the National Diversity, Inclusion & Participation Manager for Health Education England.

Fear of ‘racism’

The 2015 report said that Rotherham council as a whole was in a state of collective denial about the scale of the problem and its failure to protect vulnerable children. “Fear of being seen as racist or upsetting community cohesion” was seen as the problem that allowed the perpetrators to continue without being confronted.

The Times reported at the time that another Labour councillor was understood to have complained of a false allegation of racism made by Mahroof Husain “with the aim of preventing discussion about sexual exploitation of children.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Hussain has rebranded himself as an Islamophobia activist since resigning from Rotherham council, describing himself as a consultant to charity Faith Matters and appearing at events hosted by Tell MAMA – an organisation that monitors anti-Muslim hatred.

This is yet another example of how allegations of ‘Islamophobia’ or ‘racism’ are used to protect Muslims from proper scrutiny, in the worst cases enabling the abuse of children.

Antisemitism and extremist links

GB News also uncovered footage of Hussain repeating antisemitic stereotypes on an Urdu language news network since he resigned from Rotherham council. He discussed claims that Jews exert “control” in society because of their “financial resources.” I wrote last year about the connection between Islam and antisemitism.

GB News also found that Hussain cultivated relationships with extremists since leaving politics, and that the CEO of Iman FM, Mohammad Shabbir, attended his daughter’s wedding in 2016. Iman FM was banned by Ofcom in 2017 after broadcasting speeches by an Al-Qaeda preacher advocating violence against non-Muslims.

An anonymous survivor of Rotherham grooming gang abuse told GB News, “Mahroof Hussain prioritised defending the Pakistani community over the safety and security of more than 1,500 girls who were systematically abused by these disgusting rape gangs.”

Is there no accountability?

It is quite shocking that this man, who “supressed discussion” of grooming gangs and is alleged to have made racist allegations to prevent discussion now has a national role promoting diversity and inclusion. One would expect that his disgraced resignation would disqualify him from any such role. Diversity and inclusion is precisely the area where Hussain demonstrated catastrophically poor judgement. Not to mention his antisemitism or links with extremists.

Another disgraced former Rotherham councillor has been selected as parliamentary candidate for Labour in Rother Valley. Will we be faced with a disgraced councillor who participated in a culture which enabling grooming gangs becoming an MP? Is there no accountability?

Sacrificing girls to political correctness

Back in 2018 I wrote about how we are sacrificing girls to political correctness. Fear of ‘racism’ or fear of ‘Islamophobia’ are clearly what enabled – and still enables – these grooming gangs to perpetrate their crimes. Young girls suffer because people are afraid of saying the politically incorrect truth.

Disgraced former councillor Mahroof Hussain is now making a career out of enforcing political correctness. From making racist allegations, to becoming an Islamophobia activist, he is now a national Diversity, Inclusion and Participation Manager. The job description describes a key task as to “ensure leaders are building truly diverse teams at all levels of the organisation.” In other words, ensuring that the organisation is politically correct. The priority is ‘diverse teams’ not ‘excellent teams’ or ‘effective teams’.

What about religion?

How does someone who used fear of racism and political correctness to supress discussion of grooming gangs become a national enforcer of political correctness? Perhaps it is because political correctness is now the new religion? It enforces a kind of blasphemy law.

I explained the Islamic connection with grooming gangs back in 2018. There has been report after report, but they are still afraid to make this link. Meanwhile, young girls continue to be sacrificed.

The sooner people are brave enough not to bother about being called politically incorrect the better. For the sake of the girls if nothing else. The truth is sometimes not politically correct. We can’t avoid it for fear of what people may say.

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