Celebrate what God has accomplished in 2021

31 December 2021

Christian Concern chief executive Andrea Williams writes to supporters on what God accomplished in 2021 through the Christian Concern community

As we approach the end of this year and look forward to the next, I want to take the opportunity to celebrate all that God has graciously accomplished in and through the Christian Concern community this year, with your generous prayer and partnership.

Throughout 2021, we’ve continued working tirelessly to seek justice, speak truth and bring the hope of Jesus to the heart of society.

We’ve rejoiced in victories, endured defeats, and continue to persevere where there is still work to be done. But, through both the difficulties and the breakthroughs, I’ve taken great comfort in the truth that King Jesus is still ruling and reigning.

Where he governs, there is love, justice, truth, freedom, and hope. Because he reigns, I am confident that none of our work is in vain — because, in the end, Jesus will have his way, and we, his people, will share in his victory. “For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen.” (Romans 11:36)

Thank you for standing with us this year, and please continue to pray with me as we approach the next.

Andrea Williams
Chief executive

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Rejoice in his love | Dermot Kearney

Sometimes, loving God and protecting life made in his image is costly. Dr Dermot Kearney knows this from personal experience.

Dr Kearney provided life-saving treatment to unborn babies after their mothers regretted taking the first abortion pill, Mifepristone. His level of care for his patients went above and beyond expectations, with many of the women he helped going on to speak highly of his concern and compassion for them, whatever the outcome.

Better still, there are 30 healthy babies now born to happy mothers because of this service, with more expected soon. Laura (not her real name) felt she had made a terrible mistake after taking the first abortion pill. After giving birth to a healthy baby boy, she said: Laura says: “I am completely in love. I have my miracle baby and I could not be happier.”

Following pressure from pro-choice activists, Dr Kearney was banned by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service from providing this life-saving treatment. We’re supporting Dr Kearney in overturning this decision, so that mothers like Laura and their babies are protected, supported and cherished, just as God intended.

Rejoice in his justice | Joshua Sutcliffe

This year we’ve continued tirelessly seeking justice for Christians whose ministries have wrongly been impeded by lockdown restrictions.

In July, the Christian Legal Centre supported Joshua as he contested the fine given to him for evangelising in the streets of Camden on Good Friday. As he was sharing the good news of Jesus with the homeless, Joshua was surrounded and intimidated by four police officers, who ignored his explanation before fining and prosecuting him.

By God’s grace, justice was rightly served, and Joshua continues to preach Christ to those in his local community. We know that Jesus is good news for everyone, and we remain committed to helping those who are stepping out to share it in our society.

Rejoice in his truth | Nigel and Sally Rowe

Nigel and Sally are one of the most joyful couples you could hope to meet. They’ve faced trials, endured rejection, and made sacrifices to stand for truth. But, even now, they continue to faithfully speak of the truth of Jesus – and they continue to stand firm.

Their case first appeared in the media over four years ago. When a six-year-old boy in their son’s class started to come to school sometimes dressed as a girl, Nigel and Sally raised concerns with the head teacher and class teacher at the Church of England school.

They were met with hostility, with the school writing back to the parents, saying that the refusal to ‘acknowledge a transgendered person’s true gender’ was ‘transphobic behaviour’ and considered a form of bullying. This policy is one that has been adopted by the Department for Education as ‘best practice’. Nigel and Sally are now hoping to challenge this policy, by seeking a judicial review.

Please pray that truth will shine through.

Rejoice in his freedom | Churches unlocked

During the pandemic, Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre empowered church leaders across the UK to challenge their governments over the forced closures of churches.

Wonderfully, this resulted in a judgment in Scotland that protected church freedoms going forward. William Philip, pastor of Tron Church Glasgow, said: “Winning the Judicial Review was a real witness to the nation of the crown rights of Christ the true King.

“It brought with it many opportunities to be able to express our firm trust in God in the media and press, and to witness to the gospel of Christ in a very public way.”

Jesus is the King of Kings – above every earthly ruler – worshipping him together is a central part of the Christian life. We give thanks that churches are free to open their doors to all who seek Jesus without interference. Rejoice, he reigns!

Rejoice in his hope | New Christian schools

New Christian schools are being set up all across the UK, bringing hope for generations to come. This year, we’ve been in contact with 19 groups seeking to start new Christ-centred schools in the UK and are supporting them as they get started.

King Alfred School in Dudley, the first modern Christian classical school in Britain, is among them. Founders Tom and Hayley Bowen are graduates of our Wilberforce Academy and have been supported on the path by our Head of Education Steve Beegoo.

The low cost independent primary school seeks to help students “better glorify God in thought, word and deed”.

Please pray that King Alfred School, along with the other proposed schools, will take root and flourish, serving generations to come.

A huge thank you to you, our supporters

Year after year, through the victories and the challenges, there’s one thing that constantly encourages us to keep going: the support, prayer and love of our community. Here’s just one of their encouragements:

“Thank you guys for the tremendous love you all demonstrate, the body of Christ celebrate you and your team! And we share with others the immense labour of love and the fight that you take head on to protect the Lord’s people and His church. We love you and I love you all at Christian Concern!” – Christian Concern Supporter

As we approach 2022, we want to keep bringing good news of great joy to our broken society. He alone can bring light into our world’s darkness.

Your gift of £30, £50, £100 or whatever you can afford will help us to do all that we can to see Jesus at the heart of society as we seek justice, speak truth and bring hope around the country.

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Thank you for your generous partnership and prayer this year, and for standing with us as we look ahead to 2022. Rejoice, he reigns!

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