Brave school leaders expose disgusting teen book content

12 May 2022

Christian Concern’s Head of Education comments on one school’s brave decision to safeguard young children from the LGBT agenda.

WARNING: Language which may disgust and offend is present in the following article.

What is wrong with a Catholic School inviting in a gay author of teenage fiction to take sessions at their school for World Book Day?

Many other schools had welcomed Simon Green. But for some reason, the Archdiocese of Southwark, the Most Reverend John Wilson, stepped in to stop Green from visiting John Fisher School for boys in Purley, South London. They also required changes in the governing board that had decided it was reasonable to welcome him.

This, in turn, led to a snap inspection of the school from Ofsted.

Why did all this happen and what can we learn from it?


As many schools are looking to ensure they meet perceived objectives regarding diversity, organisations and authors, such as Simon Green, offer their services to schools. Schools often recommend guest speakers to each other. The Head at St John Fisher school determined to invite Simon to promote his work and to speak on LGBT themes.

Catholic schools, although funded by the government, still officially belong to the Catholic Church. When the chaplain and local clergy discovered issues regarding the materials, and that the Catholic foundation governors had sanctioned the visit, they removed those governors. Was this proportionate? You decide.


In chapter four of Green’s book ‘Noah Can’t Even’, which the visit would have promoted, the following passage appears:

Rumour had it, Connor was seeing a boy in year thirteen – two years his senior! How very edgy. That meant Connor was also probably sexually experienced now, taken under the wing of this sugar daddy in the sixth form, who would have doubtless shown him exactly what to do and when to do it.”

During a section where religious prayer is mocked, the following can be found in chapter 13:

Let us pray.” “Our Father, who art the gay boy? Noah be his name…” […]
“He makes Harry come. He gives him one. On earth as it is in Heaven. …” […] “And lead him straight into temptation. Right into a gay bar. For Noah is a gay boy. Who likes to suck c**k. For ever and ever. He’s gay.” 


Increasingly in teen fiction, sexual content of a heterosexual or homosexual nature, is being subtly included. Storytelling has always been the most powerful way to sow ideas into children’s minds. What the brave bishop has been castigated for is taking a stand against such unabashed sexualising, inappropriate and ungodly content being promoted in their Christian school.

Strike Action

Reasonable? So why have teachers been encouraged by the National Education Union (formally the National Union of Teachers) – the largest union – to take strike action at St John Fisher? Forming a picket line outside the school, these teachers were joined by sixth formers demanding the reinstatement of governors. Those on the picket line are quoted as saying:

Staff have been shocked, horrified, by the decision that was made that has caused so much disruption and hurt to our community, to our LGBT staff and students.


And so the inevitable snap inspection by Ofsted ensued. The report states that the removal of the governors and the prevention of the visit:

‘“unnerved and upset many in the school community.

And that the move left people:

worried about the impression these events might give of the school’s ethos.”

If you can stomach it, go back and read the quotes from his books again. Surely what could unnerve and upset children and parents should be paramount. Surely any sane parent with the slightest understanding of grooming narratives, or age-appropriate story telling would be more worried about the impression Green’s writing, promoted by the school, would have on their children.

This was not Ofsted’s position.


Anyone who examines Green’s books, could easily come to the conclusion that he is skirting the edges of child pornography. Safeguarding concerns would normally be raised if a child was viewing, experiencing or writing such events down themselves. Any teacher should be seeing red flags, but the fact that this is gay fiction seems to blind the adults around from such concerns.

No pushback to a gay author can be permitted without a media firestorm to silence and cow those that might think protecting children from harm was important. Why? Fear of being branded homophobic.

Christian leadership

It appears that the chaplain led the way in respectfully calling for complaints to be made. The Archbishop of Southwark, John Wilson, courageously made the calls over governance which have led to his vilification by media and unions alike. Pray for these men. When so many Christian leaders, governors and teachers are bowing to this sexualising and queering agenda, these men have said ‘No’.

You can read their letter to parents online.

Biblical beliefs

Long standing Christian schools of all denominations are being pressured by inspectors and ideologically driven training groups to remove any reference to Biblical beliefs that sexual expression is permitted by God and to be enjoyed in only one sort of relationship. The Christian worldview is clear. No sex between children. No sex between adults and children. No sex between members of the same sex. And no sex between members of the opposite sex, unless they are married.

For the flourishing of our nation, and the protection of our children, will Christian leaders bravely speak out what the Bible actually says? Under pressure from the culture around, will we?

Join our Head of Education Steve Beegoo at the Christian Coalition for Education conference in Birmingham on Saturday 11 June where he is speaking on the issues regarding Relationship and Sex Education.

Book via our website.

You can also sign a petition calling for the Church to stand firm on these issues.

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