Andrea Williams: UK abortions to hit 10 million

23 September 2022

Andrea Williams reflects on a new abortion landmark: 10 million lives lost.

50 years. 9 million. 51, 52, 53, 54 years; record highs for three years running. And now 10 million.

By our calculations, the 10 millionth child will be killed under the Abortion Act tomorrow, 24 September.

Another landmark, the same story.

This week, media were reporting that at 14 weeks’ gestation, a child can demonstrate his or her sense of taste. But this child has no meaningful protection in law for another 10 weeks. Babies at 23 weeks, that could be delivered and go on to lead healthy lives, can be killed at the mother’s discretion. Leading abortionists would like this to be offered all the way to birth.

There are signs of encouragement. The ugly morals of abortionists like BPAS are being exposed. Fresh young pro-life campaigns are springing up. March for Life UK had record attendance.

Each landmark, each record, each year is a painful reminder that we haven’t come far enough. This will only change with each one of us consistently standing for life. Explaining to a friend. Speaking at church. Writing to an MP. Helping a crisis pregnancy centre. And fundamentally, voting for politicians who will do the same.

This week, the Queen’s funeral was a powerful reminder of not just her dignity, as a long-serving Christian monarch, but of the dignity of every human. Each and every one of us bears the image of God, though badly marred by sin. We have a royal calling, to be God’s under-rulers over all creation.

When the 10 millionth baby dies, tomorrow or perhaps already, it will be no less of a tragedy than the Queen’s death – perhaps more. This little boy or girl won’t be seen or heard. There will be no funeral; no hymns, marches, bagpipes or committal.

We must remind ourselves that God sees. We must also see the humanity of these children and with eyes of faith, the justice of God.

He will right these wrongs. Will you step out in faith and continue bringing light to this great darkness?

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