Abortion pill reversal is possible: Amrita shares her story with GB News

22 March 2022

Amrita Kaur has become the first woman in the UK to tell the story of how Dr Dermot Kearney helped to save her baby’s life after she regretted taking the first of two abortion pills.

Amrita’s daughter, Ahri-Storm, is one of 32 babies alive today because of the help offered by Dr Dermot Kearney. Speaking to GB News, a delighted Amrita reveals how grateful she is for his support.

Earlier this month, a determined attack by abortion providers to have Dr Kearney struck off failed when the General Medical Council announced it was dropping their case against him.

The medical body dismissed every allegation against Dr Dermot Kearney and concluded that there is no case to answer. Furthermore, they found that the women he had supported had received high-level support and, following expert evidence, that abortion reversal treatment is safe.

Explaining how the abortion reversal pill works, Dr Kearney tells GB News: “If she [a pregnant woman] takes mifepristone (the first of two abortion pills), changes her mind and then manages to promptly get progesterone – the reversal treatment – we can improve that survival rate of the baby from 20-25% up to 50-55%.”

Dr Kearney believes women deserve better treatment than what they receive from abortion facilities and that abortion pill reversal care should be made more widely available.

He asks: “Why, if [women are] so convinced and determined to have an abortion, would they change their mind 6 hours later? I think the answer to that is because of the inadequacy of any sort of supportive or counselling services.”

Learn more about life-saving abortion pill reversal treatment, offered by Dr Kearney and others.

Watch Amrita share more of her story with Dr Dermot and our Head of Public Policy, Tim Dieppe.

22 March 2022
GB News
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