‘A heartbeat doesn’t mean anything – being pregnant is like having a parasite’

3 September 2021

The US state of Texas has passed a law protecting unborn children in the womb by making abortion illegal from six weeks into pregnancy.

The so-called ‘Heartbeat Act’ was signed into law back in May, however on 1 September, the US Supreme Court ruled not to block the law after abortion providers and lobby groups campaigned against it.

Christian Concern’s chief executive Andrea Williams debated journalist Hilary Freeman on GB News about the new law. Shockingly, Hilary commented, “I can’t see the difference between what’s going on in Afghanistan and what’s going in Texas. … A six-week-old fetus is not a child, a heartbeat doesn’t mean anything … it’s like a parasite really, when you’re pregnant. … Before we’re born, we’re not human.”

Andrea responded: “A truly civilised society will look after women in unplanned pregnancies, but will also really care for their unborn children. … The big question is, what is our common humanity? What does it mean to be a human being?”

2 September 2021
GB News

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