93% of Christians say Christianity is being marginalised

17 July 2017

Tim Dieppe comments on a new survey showing that 93% of Christians believe their faith is being marginalised in society.
Premier Christian Communications has published a survey of nearly 12,000 Christians about what it’s like to be a Christian in Britain today. 93% of those surveyed said Christianity is being marginalised in society. Furthermore, half of those responding say they have personally experienced prejudice against their faith. Only 29% said that it is considered acceptable in society for Christians to share their faith with others.

In his resignation speech last month, Tim Farron said that “we are kidding ourselves if we think we live in a tolerant liberal society.” The survey shows that the majority of Christians feel that their beliefs are being marginalised, and that many have encountered prejudice for their own Christian beliefs.

We at Christian Concern have been saying for many years that society is becoming increasingly intolerant towards Christians. This survey shows that the majority of Christians agree that this is the case.

We have supported many Christians who have been discriminated against or disciplined at work for expressing their Christian faith. For example, Sarah Kuteh, was sacked from her job as a nurse for talking about her faith, and occasionally offering to pray for patients. Is it any wonder that most Christians feel that society considers it unacceptable for them to share their faith with others?

In other cases, Barry Trayhorn was forced to resign from his job at a prison after quoting the Bible in a prison chapel service and Felix Ngole was expelled from university for posting on Facebook in support of traditional marriage. Sarah Mbuyi was sacked after responding to a question from a colleague about her views on homosexuality. I could go on to list many other similar cases.

The point, endorsed by this survey, is that the cases that we publicise are just the tip of the iceberg. We deal with dozens more cases that never reach the courts where Christians have been discriminated against in one form or another. This survey shows that there are thousands more Christians who have experienced some kind of prejudice for their faith.

As society turns its back on God, it naturally becomes more and more hostile towards those who believe in God and are unafraid to say so. The views of Christians increasingly stand at odds with those of our culture. As Christians, we nevertheless need to be courageous and unashamed of our faith and the teaching of God’s word.

Christians need to stand up for their faith and be counted. If Christians don’t speak up to critique our culture and society then others will, and Christians will increasingly be ignored. We need a strong voice for Biblical values and morals to be reinstated in our society. The nation and individuals need to be called to account. This is not usually a popular role, but it is one that Christians in Britain today need to play.


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