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Tribunal finds against actress dropped over Facebook post

19 February 2021         Issued by: Christian Legal Centre

The Employment Tribunal has handed down judgment in the case of sacked Christian actress, Seyi Omooba, 25.

The upcoming musical theatre star was removed from a lead role in a musical for a four-year-old Facebook post that cited the Bible.

Supported by the Christian Legal Centre, Miss Omooba was challenging Leicester Curve Theatre and Global Artists Agency, which refused to act for her following the controversy, for discrimination and breach of contract.

The tribunal found that her Christian beliefs about marriage and homosexuality are worthy of respect in a democratic society.

The tribunal also agreed that she would not have been dropped from the role but for the expression of her belief which had been made some years before in a Facebook post.

Notwithstanding this, the tribunal found that her religious belief was not the reason why the theatre decided to terminate her contract.

The judgment appears to endorse viewpoint discrimination in its justification of the agent’s explanation that it could not represent her “until she had changed her view of homosexuality.”

Miss Omooba is considering her options, including whether to appeal.

Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of Christian Concern said:

“We are disappointed with this judgment, which appears to endorse viewpoint discrimination against Christians or others with conservative views on sexual morality.

“It is very clear that Miss Omooba was removed from the role because of the expression of her views on Facebook. It is not enough to say that Seyi was dropped for commercial reasons if those reasons are discriminatory.

“Free speech is under threat in our society and this is another example of someone who has lost out for expressing her views.”

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Read the Employment Tribunal’s judgment

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