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MPs’ report on assisted suicide calls for better palliative care

29 February 2024         Issued by: Christian Concern

The Health and Social Care Committee has today published its report on Assisted Suicide.

The report notes “the pursuit of high-quality compassionate end-of-life care as a common theme in the evidence it received.”

The report concludes that access to good quality palliative care in the UK is patchy and recommends that the government ensures universal coverage of palliative care with more specialists and end-of-life pain relief. The report urges the government to provide funding to hospices for this provision.

More than 68,000 people responded to a call for evidence from the committee to inform its inquiry.

Christian Concern submitted written evidence to the committee and encouraged its supporters to submit their own evidence to the committee though the online form provided.

Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of Christian Concern commented:

“State sanctioned killing can never be in the best interests of a sane and civilised society.

“Palliative care should be given priority and should not be ‘patchy’ across the UK. What people want is good quality care – not killing.

“We welcome the call for the government to ensure universal coverage of palliative care across the UK.

“Persistent requests for euthanasia are extremely rare if people are properly cared for. Proper care should be our priority.

“The government should make the UK a safe place to die. This means prioritising palliative care, not legalising assisted suicide.

“The law as it stands is good. It acts as a clear deterrent to exploitation and abuse.

“The evidence shows that once euthanasia is legalised it cannot be controlled. Strict conditions are quickly watered down, and non-voluntary euthanasia soon takes place.

“Any change in the law will put pressure on vulnerable people to end their lives for fear of being a financial emotional or care burden on others.

“We want a culture of care rather than a culture of death.

“All human life is sacred, and the law should continue to reflect that fact.”

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Christian Concern’s written evidence:

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