Press Release

Methodist Church has ‘lost its way’ by allowing same-sex ‘marriage’

30 June 2021         Issued by: Christian Concern

Christian Concern’s chief executive Andrea Minichiello Williams responds to the Methodist Church’s decision to allow same-sex marriage:

“I’m deeply sad to see the Methodist Church lose its way by no longer upholding marriage as God defines it.

“The key to the revival that sprung up through Methodism was its passion for the truth that is contained in the Bible.

“I caught that passion from faithful Methodist Sunday school teachers as a young girl and it is devastating to see the movement reflecting society’s values rather than upholding true marriage.

“God’s plan for sex is one man, one woman marriage. Every Christian should be ready to believe that God’s pattern for our lives is the best way for individuals and society to flourish. Every church denomination – including Methodists and the Church of England – should confidently proclaim this vision, rather than mirror the zeitgeist.

“I am praying that the faithful Methodists who have not compromised will be given wisdom and courage for what lies ahead.”

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