Press Release

Joint statement with Worcester College regarding the Wilberforce Academy 2021

21 June 2022         Issued by: Christian Concern

Christian Concern and Worcester College have today released a joint statement upholding free speech and resolving the dispute about the behaviour of staff and delegates at the Wilberforce Academy 2021.

The statement reads:

“Worcester College and Christian Concern have met to reaffirm their mutual commitment to the right to freedom of speech and religious belief and the dignity of all people. After detailed examination of the circumstances of Christian Concern’s conference in September 2021, Worcester College acknowledges that notwithstanding various accounts of events it was misleading to suggest that Conference delegates or representatives of Christian Concern acted improperly in an email to students in September 2021 which was subsequently leaked to the Cherwell Student newspaper.  Worcester College did not act with the intention of impugning Christian Concern or its reputation.  In a world where differing views are strongly and sincerely held it is important to come together and listen to each other. To that end, Worcester has invited Christian Concern to speak at a debate which will take place as soon as can be arranged. Worcester looks forward to welcoming Christian Concern back to College.”

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