Press Release

Indi Gregory: Italian Senator speaks out following court ruling blocking specialist treatment in Rome

3 November 2023         Issued by: Christian Concern

A lawyer and former Italian Senator who brokered the place at a specialist paediatric hospital in Rome for Indi Gregory has spoken out following yesterday’s ruling. 

Simone Pillon helped secure an offer of specialist treatment for Indi at the Bambino Gesù Paediatric Hospital in Rome, which would be funded by the Italian government.

A specialist Air Ambulance Service is prepared to transfer Indi to Italy, but the move has been blocked by Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. The High Court yesterday backed the Trust and ruled that it is in Indi’s ‘best interests’ to die rather than be transferred to Rome.

The family, who are being supported by the Christian Legal Centre, have been granted a stay to submit an appeal by 2pm today, Friday 3 November.

In response to the news, Senator Pillon said: “We look on and are appalled by the rulings by UK courts in this case and the refusal of the NHS Trust to help the family transfer Indi to Rome.

“We call on the UK institutions to intervene to ensure that the right to life and human rights of Indi Gregory are upheld in this case.

“A place is ready and waiting for Indi at a leading paediatric hospital, which will be funded by the Italian government. I hope there will be no further delay in the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust cooperating with the specialist Air Ambulance Service and to work with the family rather than cruelly denying them this chance.

“We hope that a UK Court and the NHS should decide that it is in the ‘best interests’ for a child to receive specialist treatment rather than to die.”

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