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Christian Concern responds to Labour manifesto

21 November 2019         Issued by: Christian Concern

The Labour manifesto released today contains extreme proposals on both abortion and transgenderism.

Decriminalisation of Abortion

Labour propose to completely decriminalise abortion (p48). This will mean that babies in the womb can be killed for any reason right up to the day of birth.

This will be the most extreme abortion law in the world.

Self-Declaration of Gender

Labour will also allow self-declaration of gender (p68). This is contrary to science and common sense. It will completely undermine women’s rights and mean that there is no safe space for women. It will also completely destroy women’s sports. Attempts to introduce equality of pay or representation of women will be completely undermined by self-declaration of gender. This proposal also undermines and contradicts Labour’s plan to eliminate mixed-sex wards in the NHS (p32).

Mandatory LGBT+ Sex Education

Labour plan to have mandatory LGBT+ relationships and sex education (p69). This follows the deselection of former Labour MP Roger Godsiff for standing up for parental rights. Labour clearly do not care about parental rights and religious concerns from Christians, Muslims, Jews and others about the sexualisation of young children.

No-Fault Divorce

Labour also plan to introduce no-fault divorce (p48), allowing unilateral destruction of families for no reason whatsoever. This was also included in the Liberal Democrat manifesto (p74).

Some good policies

There are some policies that we welcome in the Labour manifesto. We welcome the plan to curb gambling advertising and to establish gambling limits (p55). We also welcome alcohol health warnings (p34) and the plan to maintain restrictions on Sunday trading (p63).

Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of Christian Concern commented:

“Labour’s plan to legalise killing of innocent babies right up to birth is both inhumane and indefensible. Labour claim to be the party of the many, but they are clearly the party that is most against the unborn.

“The killings of babies in the womb in this country are already up to holocaust levels. Labour plans to expand and extend this holocaust.

“Polling clearly shows that a majority of women would like the time limit on abortion to be lowered, rather than extended.

“We know that gender-selective abortions are already taking place in the UK. Labour’s plan will be to legalise and therefore normalise this discriminatory practice right up to birth. Labour presumably believe that killing babies because they are girls is morally acceptable.

“Self-declaration of gender is an assault on the way humans are made – as male and female. It will completely undermine women’s rights. Politicians should be protecting women’s rights rather than blurring the distinction between male and female.

“This manifesto strikes at the heart of what it means to be human. It is the destruction of the basic human norms of family and gender.

“Labour has shown its disrespect for humanity and the family in this shocking manifesto. I hope that voters will see just how damaging and dehumanising these policies will be.”

Notes to editors

Savanta ComRes interviewed 2,008 GB adults online between 12th and 14th May 2017. Full polling data tables are available here:

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