The cost of following Jesus

Revival Church Billericay, Essex

Event Details

23 April 2023
10:30 - 12:00
Revival Church Billericay, The Chantry Centre, Chantry Way, Billericay
CM11 2BB

Being a Christian in today’s society can be difficult. As much as we might believe that Jesus is good news for society, we recognise that it’s becoming harder to be a Christian in the UK today.

But if we’re serious about the gospel mandate, then how do we face the cost of following Jesus in today’s society? How can make Jesus and his ways known, without the fear of losing our job, or being ridiculed, or being unwelcome at certain gatherings?

Tim Dieppe, our Head of Public Policy, will be speaking to Revival Church Billericay about the cost of following Jesus, empowering Christians to be compassionate and courageous ambassadors of the gospel.

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