Teaching identity through story


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6 November 2021
11:00 - 14:00

Manthano exists to support anyone involved in the life of a child, aiming to support those who want to raise up godly children that are confident learners, strong in faith and resilient.

‘Engaging our children after Covid-19’ is a one-day online conference for church leaders, volunteers, parents and professionals working with children. It aims to provide practical tools and ideas on how we can engage with our children beyond the pandemic, as well as rebuild relationship with parents and volunteers.

The Covid pandemic has disrupted the life of every child in the country. It has been an unprecedented and challenging period for parents, as well as volunteers and professionals that work with children. A period in which many have had to learn new skills in the support of a child’s mental and spiritual development. Volunteers and professionals have had to think outside the box and look for new ways to engage with children.

Children’s Godly identity develops from the story children believe they are truly a part of. In this talk, Steve Beegoo, Christian Concern’s Head of Education, will use a biblical paradigm to explain how our teaching of children should focus on the Biblical story and the faith narratives of our own family.

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