Love Limitless: Brains and Beauty


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31 October 2021
19:00 - 21:00

Love Limitless Ministries is committed to raising a community of women to embody and express the truth of Christ in a world that lives in darkness.

In our age of moral relativism, postmodernism and individualism, our view of God’s heart and hand has become too small. He intends to do as he promised; to take us up, to be seated with God in Christ in heavenly places so we can gain a God’s eye view of the Master’s plan.

What he is building is more glorious than the transformation of a single heart. He is building a home for himself in a people – not a person. Our corporate identity is more significant now than ever before, not least in light of the myriad coalitions of darkness in our civilisation’s cultural landscape. His people have lost sight of who they are, who they were saved to become, and grow into – the living, integrated Body of Christ, here on earth.

If you are a woman of God, join us for this online gathering – the 9th annual flagship conference of Love Limitless: Brains and Beauty – where God’s daughters come together from around the world to be strengthened, encouraged and empowered.

Tim Dieppe will be helping us to deepen our understanding of citizenship, sonship, stewardship and ambassadorship as the Body of Christ on earth.

Upon reserving your place, you will be emailed by Love Limitless with more information on how to join the event. You will also be given access to their private and interactive Telegram messaging group for opportunities to connect and build community.

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