The Church under fire?

The Colchester Mission, Colchester

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12 March 2022
14:00 - 16:30
The Colchester Mission, Headgate House, Church Walk, Colchester

Britain today is becoming increasingly opposed to the gospel, and it seems that the Church is under fire. The pandemic seems to have provided the chance to increase the rift between church and society: abortion has killed twice as many people as Covid over the course of the pandemic; the government is now proposing to ban ‘conversion therapy’; and Christians are facing more challenges in the workplace.

How can we stand firm in the truth in the gospel when the world around us is in darkness? How can we bring hope to those around us, when we’re faced with the aftermath of a pandemic?

Join us in Colchester, as Andrea Williams, Christian’s Concern’s chief executive, speaks to us about the state of the nation.

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