Church Unlocked: What has Covid meant for evangelism?


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30 June 2021
19:00 - 20:00

Over the coming weeks, we’re reflecting on what it means to be the Church unlocked, coming out of the pandemic and approaching some uncertain months ahead.

About this event

Has the widespread use of streaming technology transformed how the Church will reach out? What are the felt needs of those around us, post-Covid, and how can we help people see that Jesus is the answer to those needs? Our fourth Church Unlocked livestream will feature evangelists Canon J.John, Dominic Muir and Laura Brett as they discuss how the pandemic and lockdowns have changed evangelism.

What is Church Unlocked?

As we emerge from lockdown, reopen our doors and resume our rhythms of gathered worship, we also have a unique opportunity. This is a moment to reflect again on what it means to be the people of God in 2021. We’ll be asking what church life could look like as we approach the uncertain months ahead. We’ll take time to reflect on the lessons we’ve learnt during lockdown, and look back at how we’ve fought to protect vital freedoms during a time when churches have found themselves locked from the outside. We’ll celebrate churches and leaders across the UK who have continued to faithfully share the hope of Jesus with their communities – often finding innovative new ways to do so. How can we embrace new technologies for God’s glory, and what lessons do we need to retrieve from the history of the church? How much do we really value gathered worship? How can we renew our mission to be salt and light in our communities, and see the hope of Jesus released across our nation?

Visit our Church Unlocked resource page for more information.


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