Christians in the Firing Line 2 book launch


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28 November 2023
19:00 - 20:00

Legal cases supported by the Christian Legal Centre have escalated sharply since Christians in the Firing Line was published ten years ago.

This called for a sequel, and Christians in the Firing Line 2 conveys the impact on Christians of the aggressive secularism that is sweeping across the nation.

The selection of cases in Christians in the Firing Line 2 highlights the ever-increasing hostility to Christianity in the UK. What a nurse, a magistrate, a teacher, a hospital chaplain, and various others have in common with street preachers is that they are among the many who have encountered serious problems or even lost their livelihoods for expressing their Christian faith.

Christians in the Firing Line 2 tells the personal stories of brave Christians who have refused to compromise their faith under pressure. This book will inspire all those wishing to make a stand for Biblical truths in an increasingly anti-Christian culture.

Join Dr Richard Scott, Andrea Williams, and Tim Dieppe for this online book launch, as we present our sequel, Christians in the Firing Line 2.

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