Is banning conversion therapy necessary?

Calvary Chapel, Cardiff

Event Details

20 February 2022
15:00 - 16:30
Heath Citizens Community Hall, Heath Park, Opposite 183 King George V Drive East, Cardiff
CF14 4EP

The government has proposed a ban on ‘conversion therapy’ – a very broad term, with no one clear meaning, that generally covers attempts to change or control certain sexual feelings or gender identity. Over the past months, the ban has been a hot topic, with views and arguments from both sides hitting the headlines. But is a ban really necessary?

If the government moves forward with its current proposals, then therapists that are brave enough to offer help to people who are struggling with sexual or gender identity issues could place themselves at risk of being shut down and losing their licence to practise. But it’s not just therapists that could face consequences; youth workers, pastors, teachers, social workers or carers could all fall victim to a ban because a conversion therapy ban would effectively criminalise ordinary Christian approaches to discipleship and sanctification.

So what can Christians do to protect their freedom of religion and expression?

Join us at Calvary Chapel as our Head of Public Policy, Tim Dieppe, answers these questions and encourages us to keep standing for truth and bring hope to this world.

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