DIY abortions: What can we do to make our voices heard?


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10 November 2020
14:30 - 17:00

209,519 in 2019. 574 every day. 23 every hour. 1 every 2½ minutes.

The number of abortions taking place in England and Wales alone is overwhelming. And now 2020 is set to see the highest number of abortions ever recorded in the UK.

Our churches must speak out against this injustice. But what can we really be doing?

In this urgent briefing for church leaders, we will looking into the silent genocide of the last few months of the pandemic in our own nation: home abortions. If you are a church leader and would like to know what you can do to protect the unborn and safeguard women, keep up-to-date on our judicial review, find out more about mystery client investigation and learn about what’s next and how you can be praying – you won’t want to miss this conference.

Christian Concern’s Andrea Williams and Kevin Duffy, independent public health consultant and former Marie Stopes director, will be speaking on ‘DIY Abortions: What’s Been Happening?’ at a virtual conference for church leaders.

For more details and to book your free place today, please visit CBRUK’s website here.



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