Coronavirus and the Church


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19 October 2020
09:30 - 13:00

The events of the past six months have presented many challenges for the Church. How should we respond to the government’s restrictions? How do we balance our obligations to God (Acts 4) and state (Romans 13)? Does the Lord’s command that we gather to worship him trump all other duties? How do we meet the growing pastoral needs of our people while still honouring the powers that be?

Christian Concern’s Head of Public Policy, Tim Dieppe, will be speaking at an online forum for church leaders organised by Affinity on ‘Coronavirus and the Church of Jesus Christ’. These questions will be addressed and the various perspectives aired and discussed. We hope it will contribute both to a clearer understanding of the issues and a warmer sense of mutual fellowship and respect, even if we cannot always agree.

If you are a church leader, you can register for this free event by 8am on Monday 19 October on this website.

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