Charlie Boyle

Rev. Charlie Boyle, vicar at All Saints Branksome, is facing disciplinary action and potential dismissal for allegedly not following strict Covid regulation ‘guidance’ at his Dorset church.

Supported by the Christian Legal Centre, Charlie faces a series of Covid-related allegations which could result in his family being evicted from their home by church authorities. Following a complaint made on Easter Sunday, Charlie met with the Archdeacon of Dorset who told Charlie that he should leave his post and the vicarage by the end of July for supposedly breaking Covid regulations. The allegations made against Charlie include singing the hymn ‘Thine be the Glory’ without a face mask, risking contaminating the church by returning Bibles to the building and conducting a family service online from a beach hut that he rents.

Charlie commented: “I am deeply saddened and hurt that Covid regulations are being used as an excuse by the church hierarchy to bully me and my young family. During the pandemic, due to government guidance, churches and their congregations have become places of division and fear instead of the places of prayer, refuge, worship, outreach and hope they should be.

“We must all take precautions of course, but we also have to ask the question of what Jesus would do in such a crisis? People are desperate, fearful and very cautious. What they miss most is singing in church and worshipping their God.”

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