Pastor Paul Song

Pastor Paul Song served as a volunteer chaplain for 19 years at HMP Brixton but was restricted and then banned from prison ministry after exposing Islamic extremism within the prison.

Paul Song

Pastor Paul Song served as a volunteer chaplain for 19 years at HM Prison Brixton, running several internationally respected Christian courses and bringing many prisoners to Christ.

But in 2015, a Muslim imam took over as Senior Chaplain who said he wanted to “change the Christian domination” within the prison. Shortly after, Paul started to face restrictions on his ministry – as did other Christian groups running courses at the prison. He was eventually banned from the prison, without authorities explaining why or providing evidence.

After speaking to the Mail on Sunday about his experiences and exposing the reality about Islamic extremism dominating HMP Brixton, Paul was suspended for 10 years from all prisons. He is now set to have a permission hearing for judicial review at the High Court.

Paul commented: “After 20 years of service supporting vulnerable inmates at HMP Brixton, I have been severely punished for exposing the truth.

“What has happened to me has set a dangerous precedent for anyone else who dares to tell the public about the growing domination of Islamic extremism in our prisons. I am determined to fight for justice.”

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