Keith Waters

Keith Waters, a pastor, was pushed out of his part-time job as a school caretaker after he sent a tweet warning that Pride events are harmful to children.

Keith Waters took a 60% pay cut from his role as an Estates Manager at one of Cambridge University’s largest colleges to serve his local community and work as a caretaker at the Isle of Ely Primary School. He took the job with the agreement that he would combine the role with his duties as Pastor of Ely’s New Connexions Church.

But after tweeting a warning to Christians that Pride events are harmful to children, Keith and his family faced harassment – even a death threat – and the school forced Keith out of his caretaker job.

In April 2022 the Employment Tribunal ruled that the school had discriminated against Keith.

Keith commented on the victory:

“I pray that this ruling will help protect Pastors in the future that have to work part time in other jobs to make up their income. This is an important win for our freedom to speak the truth of the gospel without fear of losing our jobs.”

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