Hazel Lewis

Christian street preacher Hazel Lewis was arrested while preaching outside a North London tube station in February 2020 after false accusations were made against her by members of the public.

Hazel Lewis was arrested outside Finsbury Park tube station in North London on 12 February 2020 after false accusations were made against her by members of the public, who claimed Hazel had been making homophobic and racist comments. Fortunately, Hazel had been recording audio footage of her preaching which would prove the accusers’ claims to be untrue. Yet, although these accusations were proven false, police officers changed the charges against her to a breach of the Public Order Act, accusing her of causing harassment, alarm and distress.

Her case was thrown out by a district judge, who ruled that there was “no case to answer”.

Supported by the Christian Legal Centre, Hazel now intends to launch legal action against the police for how she was treated.

Hazel commented: “It has taken nearly 18 months, but I am delighted that the judge has seen through the lies and has vindicated me. When the police arrived, despite me telling them that the allegations were false, they still arrested me without any evidence other than from members of the public who wanted to silence me and twist what I was saying.

“Despite this experience, I am determined to keep preaching. Since the pandemic began, I have seen more and more Christians taking to the streets of London to preach.”

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