Glawdys Leger

Teacher Glawdys Leger faces losing her career for refusing to teach LGBTQI lessons in a Church of England school

Glawdys Leger was a specialist Modern Foreign Languages teacher for 12 years at Bishop Justus, a Church of England secondary school in Bromley, Kent.

But in May 2022, Ms Leger was sacked after refusing to promote extreme LGBTQI ideology, and for expressing her biblical beliefs on human sexuality in response to student questions.

The school then referred her to the Teaching Regulation Agency, which could lead to her being barred from the profession indefinitely.

Leger commented: ‘‘The impact of what has happened to me has taken a great toll on me. The thought of me losing my career for expressing my Christian beliefs in response to questions from students is heart-breaking.

‘‘I was treated like a criminal and as though I was a danger for expressing my Christian beliefs.

‘‘I am certain that I have not shown, and never would show, any hatred lack of love towards LGBT people.

‘‘True compassion and love is to be able to speak the truth to people irrespective of their sexuality. I would never discriminate against anyone, but what the school was compelling teachers to promote, teach and celebrate these issues, which I could not do.

‘‘For Christians it is important to remain an ally of God rather than being an ally of things that are against God’s Laws and Commandments. It is not ‘inclusive’ if pupils at a Christian school are barred from understanding what Christian belief is and means on these very serious issues.

‘‘What has happened to me is desperately concerning to any Christian teacher and any parent with a child at a Church of England school.’’

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