Dave McConnell

Dave McConnell is believed to be the first street preacher convicted and reported to counter-terrorism for ‘misgendering’ a member of the public.

Dave McConnell, a street preacher from Wakefield, was arrested and then convicted over ‘misgendering’ a member of the public that he was preaching to. Dave was made to pay costs of £620, forced to do 80 hours of community service and reported to Prevent, the government’s counter-terrorism watchdog, all despite there being no legal obligation in the UK to use anyone’s preferred pronouns.

With the support of the Christian Legal Centre, Dave overturned his conviction, also being backed by Maya Forstater, Executive Director of Sex Matters, and Toby Young, General Secretary of the Free Speech Union.

Dave commented: I am delighted and relieved that the Judge has overturned the conviction and that I can clear my name. I am, however, appalled at how I have been treated by the authorities in this matter. No other street preacher, professional or member of the public must go through what I have. 

“‘Misgendering’ is not a crime and should never be treated as such. I do not believe I was ‘misgendering’, I believed I was telling the truth.

“Jesus changed my life as a young man, and I am passionate about engaging people with the hope that made such a difference to me.”


Sign the petition to make sure no one else is prosecuted for ‘misgendering’.

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