Calvin Robinson

GB News presenter Calvin Robinson won an £8,000 settlement after being cancelled by the Royal Academy of Dance for opposing ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’

In February 2023, GB News TV presenter, Rev. Calvin Robinson, attended a protest against a Drag Queen storytelling event set to be held at a local library in Lewisham, London.

Rev. Robinson, a former teacher and safeguarding officer, then covered the story on his weekly Calvin’s Common Sense Crusade on GB News.

The following month, Rev. Robinson, a committee member at the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), received an email from RAD’s Board of Trustees and CEO, Tim Arthur, notifying him that his membership from the RAD committee had been terminated with immediate effect.

But Rev. Robinson, supported by the Christian Legal Centre, won an out of court settlement after the RAD backed down from facing scrutiny in court. Rev. Robinson had been set to make claims of discrimination after the RAD, without warning or discussion, removed him from their education sub-committee for opposing the sexualisation of children.

Rev. Robinson commented: ‘‘I am pleased that the bullies did not win and that they have learnt you cannot push people out for holding traditional views – Christian views. However, the Royal Academy of Dance has made it clear that they are a radical organisation pushing trans theory, queer theory and critical race theory, all of which are harmful and divisive branches of neo-Marxism.”

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