Brian Walker

NHS electrician Brian Walker was forced out of his job at an NHS trust for expressing his Christian beliefs on multi-culturalism, Islam and same-sex marriage.

Supported by the Christian Legal Centre, NHS electrician Brian Walker has launched legal action against North Bristol NHS Trust. He resigned from his role following what he describes as a ‘totalitarian’ investigation against him concerning his beliefs about multi-culturalism, Islam and same-sex marriage.

Following many months of investigations, reports and hearings within the Trust, Brian was given a final written warning and was required to attend equality training. However, the NHS Trust’s lawyers claim that Brian’s Christian beliefs are “incompatible with human dignity” and “not worthy of respect in democratic society” so as not to qualify as religious or philosophical beliefs protected under the Equality Act.

Brian commented: “Christian beliefs, and especially any expressing of them, are being suppressed in the NHS. The argument that my beliefs, which I believe are shared by many, are not worthy of protection under the law must end. This case is not about me. I am fighting it for younger generations of Christians who have mortgages to pay and careers to lose.”

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