Andrew Sathiyavan

Andrew was arrested on Easter Sunday 2020 after being told by the police that preaching the gospel was ‘not allowed.’

Street preacher Andrew Sathiyavan has faced arrest and even prosecution for his ministry during Covid restrictions.

Andrew is a full-time voluntary worker for Gospel Light Ministries and regularly preaches across the UK. His voluntary work involves preaching, supporting the homeless and people suffering from drug and alcohol addictions.

After contesting a fine at the City of London magistrates court, Deputy District Judge Minhas, ruled that he could have done his street preaching and ministry online and that therefore he had no valid reason for being out on the streets. Andrew is now appealing this judgment.

Andrew commented: “Gospel preaching is my work. I tell people about the Good News of Jesus Christ, which preachers have done for centuries in this country. I seek to reach people living in fear and without hope. In this instance the police escalated the situation for no reason. I was treated like a criminal.

“I have no alternative but to appeal. I don’t want Christians and preachers to be treated as I have been.”

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