Urge government to keep radical LGBT group out of schools

2 March 2023

Sign the petition to protect children from being forced to accept LGBT ideology.

Should children be forced to accept LGBTQ ideology in schools?

The recent judgment in Rev. Dr Bernard Randall’s case suggests that LGBTQ ideology is normal and uncontroversial, but that Christian views on marriage are extreme.

That’s not true.

We must expose the truth about groups like Educate & Celebrate, which are far from reasonable.

That’s why we’re launching a new campaign to support Bernard, calling for the government to keep radical LGBTQ group Educate & Celebrate out of schools.

Educate & Celebrate is a controversial LGBTQ campaign group, which promotes the use of LGBTQ materials in schools across the country. In 2018, the group was invited to Trent College, the school Bernard worked in, to train staff.

Elly Barnes, leader of Educate & Celebrate, opened the training by telling staff to chant “smash heteronormativity.”

‘Smashing heteronormativity’ might sound like a complicated term – but what it means is that they want to destroy the Christian, and biological understanding of sex, that there are men and women, and that men and women belong together. This is the view most people have held for millennia, and the vast majority still holds today.

We believe that a group like this should have no place in schools.

Please sign the petition urging the Secretary of State for Education to be taken out of schools and receive no more public funding, as a matter of urgency.

Sign the petition

Tribunal rules chaplain’s views ‘extreme’

Rev. Dr Bernard Randall, the former school chaplain who was sacked and reported to the government’s terrorist watchdog for delivering a sermon on ‘identity politics’, was told he had an ‘extreme’ reaction to Educate & Celebrate, which was described as giving “a subtle approach to encouraging inclusivity for all.”

By way of comparison, Bernard’s sermon in chapel, stated: “Love the person, even where you profoundly dislike the ideas. Don’t denigrate a person simply for having opinions and beliefs which you don’t share.”

Unbelievably, the Employment Tribunal has now ruled that his moderate and thoughtful sermon, delivered in chapel and encouraging students to disagree respectfully, was inappropriate and even ‘harmful’.

Despite his sermon being reasonable (it was even later printed in full by the Daily Mail), Judge Butler repeated a conclusion based on a handful of complaints and which bears no resemblance to what Bernard said that, ‘We have already found that the message taken away by pupils was that it was wrong to be LGBT+ and okay to discriminate.’

However, when it came to Educate & Celebrate, Judge Butler accepted the school’s evidence that getting staff to chant “smash heteronormativity” was “simply an enthusiastic attempt … to warm-up the teachers at the outset of the day.”

As has happened over and over, the Church of England’s own ‘Valuing All God’s Children’ guidance for schools against Dr Randall. Judge Butler made the point that the CofE cites Educate and Celebrate as a recognised ‘resource’ in the guidance. Even though the CofE claims this listing was not a recommendation, it has been used to destroy the career of its own ordained minister.

This decision is badly wrong and must be appealed until we have justice for Bernard. Could you make a gift to help us keep supporting Bernard?

‘This cannot be allowed to stand’

Bernard has also written about the importance of appealing his case in The Critic: “And freedom of conscience, and freedom of speech, are the reasons why the fight must go on, and why my case remains important

“It is a well-established principle of human rights law that upset or distress on the part of a listener is not any reason to curb free speech. The school made much of the upset caused in deciding to dismiss me.

“Now, I think that was much exaggerated, but be that as it may, it is not a permissible reason to infringe fundamental human rights. So by the time of the tribunal, it had morphed into causing ‘harm.’ … So from now on, any of the Wokesters who want to close down speech they don’t like (because, after all, words are literal violence), will simply say, not ‘I was offended,’ but ‘I was harmed.’ …

“This cannot be a precedent which is allowed to stand. The fight must go on.”

Sign the petition to keep Educate & Celebrate out of schools

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