Stand with cancelled Christian councillor King Lawal

19 July 2023

A Conservative Christian councillor has had his life torn apart for giving the Christian and biblical position on LGBT pride events.

King Lawal, who has been a councillor at North Northamptonshire Unitary Council for two years, has been cancelled by seven organisations, including being suspended by the Conservative Party.

Please sign and share our petition to reinstate King Lawal.

Leading up to his tweet on 29 June, King had seen tweets revealing men parading through streets naked in front of children during LGBT pride events.

Disturbed by the illegal activity he witnessed going unchecked by authorities, he believed he had to speak out, especially as the events were being witnessed by children.

As a Bible-believing Christian he believed what was happening was wrong and in a rare post, said: “When did Pride become a thing to celebrate. Because of Pride Satan fell as an arch Angel. Pride is not a virtue but a Sin. Those who have Pride should Repent of their sins and return to Jesus Christ. He can save you. #PrideMonth #Pride23 #PrideParade.”

The post included an image with a verse from Isaiah 3 verse 9 which said: ‘Whatever God calls “Sin” is nothing to be Proud of.’

That day, he was contacted by the leader of North Northamptonshire Unitary Council who told him that he was suspended for 21 days pending an investigation.

The post included an image with a verse from Isaiah 3 verse 9 which said: ‘Whatever God calls “Sin” is nothing to be Proud of.’

That day, he was contacted by the leader of North Northamptonshire Unitary Council who told him that he was suspended for 21 days pending an investigation.

Within the next few days:

  • he was dismissed as a trustee of Groundwork Northampton, an initiative which helps disadvantaged children access green spaces
  • he was suspended as an Academy Council member for Weavers Academy
  • he was removed as a Governor of Northampton Healthcare Foundation Trust
  • he was banned from holding a joint Police and Council surgery in the local library.

Remarkably that wasn’t all. King had a family business which had a substantial contract with a local authority.

The family were given an ultimatum that unless King was removed immediately as a director the contract would be withdrawn. At the same time, the company was also informed that it would face snap reviews and inspections by council monitoring teams within Northamptonshire.

Under extreme and potentially illegal pressure, King was forced to resign from his own company which he had built and grown.

The Christian Legal Centre is helping King challenge the way he has been treated.

But you can help by signing and sharing this petition calling for King’s reinstatement and an apology for what he has been put through.

Keep speaking of Jesus Christ

We’ve supported many Christians who have faced pressure and lost jobs for social media posts explaining the Bible’s teaching on sexuality – often securing justice through the legal system.

But the speed and severity of how King has been treated by several different groups for tweets is remarkable. These are historic, mainstream, Christian beliefs.

King is being treated like a pariah. This is bare-faced anti-Christian hatred. If this were happening to someone sharing the theological beliefs of any other religion, we would immediately recognise it.

it’s time to stand up and say that Christians shouldn’t be treated like this.

Please sign and share the petition to support King and tell the Conservative Party and others that Christians should be free to serve in public life.

But it’s also time to stand up ourselves. We must not stay silent about God’s good pattern for sexuality. We must keep sharing, in appropriate ways, how God has made us as men and women. Otherwise, LGBTQ people will be denied the opportunity to turn away from sin and to Christ. And it makes it easier for the world to paint faithful, vocal Christians as a hateful minority.

Pray with us that Christians would not be cowed by what has happened to King and others but would graciously keep speaking of Jesus Christ.

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