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24 May 2024

The annual display of Progress Pride flags is divisive and damaging especially for children, and often stays well beyond the allotted time.

Each June, our neighbourhoods are swamped with Pride flags as councils, shops and other businesses signal their support for LGBTQ+ ideology.

But one of the most iconic shopping streets in the country – Regent Street – is set to display a huge number of ‘Progress Pride’ flags. We have launched an objection against it. Will you add your signature to the petition?

These flags send the message that Christians, and others with historic beliefs about sexuality and gender, are not welcome.

It’s not just about Westminster, or London. These displays send a nationwide message that the LGBTQ+ movement is in charge and that Christians should stay quiet.

Christian Concern is objecting to this planning application. We’ve written letters of objection arguing that the council has failed to properly consult on these displays and is failing in its equality duties.

Can you help by signing our petition today?

Every signature helps Westminster City Council see that these flags are divisive and unhelpful.

What are Pride Progress flags?

Rainbow flags are bad enough. Despite some people claiming they’re inclusive, they really stand for an ‘anything goes’ approach to sexuality. This goes against God’s pattern for our lives and isn’t good for any of us.

But Progress Pride flags take this further, and are even worse.

They add transgender stripes – representing a movement that has done untold damage to gender-questioning children in recent years.

They also add brown and black stripes, wrongly conflating racial identity with sexual and gender identities. Many people from ethnic minorities do not want to be considered part of the Pride movement.

The flags are also particularly ugly, ruining the historic look of Regent Street.

But it’s not just about Westminster, or London. Opposing this display will give councils around the country doubts about their own displays. 

We’re hoping to help Christians and others around the country oppose similar displays around the nation.

By signing and sharing the petition with friends, you can help us take this first step towards making Christians feel welcome in public spaces once again.

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