Scottish Parliament to allow gender change for 16 year olds

21 December 2022

The Scottish Parliament is voting today on a dangerous gender reform bill.

Yesterday, the Scottish Parliament voted in favour of changes that would give transgender ideology an even bigger foothold in the country.

The changes include:

  • Allowing 16 year olds to change ‘gender’
  • Allowing someone to be legally, irreversibly recognised in their new ‘gender’ after only 3 months of living as the opposite sex
  • Removing the need for applicants to give medical evidence that they have gender dysphoria.

The session is due to resume this afternoon. Reportedly, the Scottish Parliament’s carol service, which was due to be held this evening, has now been cancelled to allow more time for this bill to be debated.

Please pray that in some way, these damaging changes would not go through, be mitigated or found unconstitutional.

Not only do these changes remove or weaken some important barriers, protecting people from radical, untruthful changes they may well later regret, but it could lead to extreme confusion with people recognised as one gender in England and a different one in Scotland.

The BBC also notes: “Anyone who does obtain a [Gender Recognition Certificate] will need to live as their acquired gender for the rest of their life – and could face prosecution if they do not.”

Many young people are choosing to de-transition after realising the damage caused by the false promises of transgender ideology. Will these changes leave yet more young people trapped in harmful, false gender identities under the threat of prosecution?

Please pray:

  • that these changes would somehow not go through; that votes would be delayed or that there would be a radical drop in support for the bill
  • for MSPs as they debate and discuss the reforms this afternoon; pray that the truth would be spoken in the Scottish Parliament
  • for MSPs who support the bill to listen carefully and understand the concerns being raised
  • for all MSPs and other politicians who have spoken bravely against these damaging changes – that they would continue to have courage and influence
  • that political support for gender reform in Scotland would diminish
  • that more politicians in Scotland would truly understand and recognise the dangers of transgender ideology, particularly for those under 18
  • that teenagers and young people would be protected from transgender ideologies and processes that take them down irreversible and dangerous paths
  • that the truth about transgender policies, as well as trans campaign groups like Mermaids, would continue to be exposed.
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