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The gathering of street evangelists

In this gathering of street preachers from the UK, Navaid Syed, from the Christian Legal Centre, will be leading a session and speaking on “Reaching People On The Streets With Wisdom.” This event has been organised by Manna Missions Church, who are based in Stratford.

16 December 2023   Events

Christians in the Firing Line 2 book launch

Legal cases supported by the Christian Legal Centre have escalated sharply since Christians in the Firing Line was published ten years ago. This called for a sequel, and Christians in the Firing Line 2 conveys the impact on Christians of the aggressive secularism that is sweeping across the nation. The selection of cases in Christians ...

28 November 2023   Events

Issues facing Christians today

It is becoming increasingly harder to be a Christian in today’s society. Almost every week we hear of a street preacher that’s been arrested, children being sexualised in schools, protection for the elderly, vulnerable and pre-born being eroded. How do we deal with it all? How do we make our voices heard? Join us at ...

1 March 2020   Events
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