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Dave McConnell

Dave McConnell is believed to be the first street preacher convicted and reported to counter-terrorism for 'misgendering' a member of the public.

7 March 2023   Cases

John Dunn

John Dunn, a street preacher, had Public Order Act charges dropped after prosecutors claimed parts of the Bible are ‘abusive’ and ‘no longer appropriate in modern society.’

22 November 2022   Cases

Shaun O’Sullivan

Shaun O'Sullivan, a street preacher, was arrested in Swindon in March 2020 after explaining how Christians worship a different God to Muslims.

3 November 2022   Cases

Chizumie Dyer

Christian street preacher Chizumie Dyer who was fined over £16,000 by police for holding a church service for the homeless during the February 2021 lockdown has seen her case thrown out by a magistrate’s court.

10 December 2021   Cases

The Bristol Four

Four Christian street preachers, known as 'the Bristol Four', are challenging how they have been treated by Avon and Somerset Police over eight years.

19 October 2021   Cases

Hazel Lewis

Christian street preacher Hazel Lewis was arrested while preaching outside a North London tube station in February 2020 after false accusations were made against her by members of the public.

11 August 2021   Cases

Mike Overd

Mike has faced arrest, prosecutions and other legal attempts to stop his street preaching

10 September 2021   Cases

Oluwole Ilesanmi

Oluwole was arrested, then taken several miles by police and left without means to get home, after street preaching in north London.

1 April 2019   Cases

Stephen Green

Christian preacher Stephen Green faces prosecution for holding a sign with a Bible verse in an abortion clinic ‘buffer zone’

16 October 2023   Cases

Andrew Sathiyavan

Andrew was arrested on Easter Sunday 2020 after being told by the police that preaching the gospel was 'not allowed.'

23 May 2022   Cases
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