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The New Normal Resource Hub: Resources

Below you will find a small selection of free and paid resources to help people further their thinking on issues of gender and sexuality.

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The New Normal Resource Hub: Resources

Wilberforce Publications

Jephthah's Children

Jephthah's Children 

Jephthah's Children is a chronicle of everything that has gone wrong because of the movement to normalise same-sex parenting.

The personal stories of children raised by same-sex parents are heartfelt and painful, and they speak for themselves. The authors also examine the cultural, philosophical and political context of this momentous change and reflect upon the resulting increased power of the state once the organic bonds of society are dissolved.

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Affinity logo

Are we all omni-gender now? 

Dr Sharon James of Christian fellowship group Affinity has produced a comprehensive overview of the influence of gender theory, the LGBT movement and transgenderism.

This resource explains the worldview that contributes to this agenda, its outworking in Britain and the rest of society, and finally a biblical response that is both compassionate and robust.

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Vaughan Roberts

Vaughan Roberts' Transgender logo

Talking Points: Transgender 

Christian Concern's Communications Officer, Camilla Olim, reviews Vaughan Robert's new book, 'Transgender'.

She highlights how he sensitively covers the topic and offers practical guidance. 

"'Transgender' is short, accessible, and yet theologically robust and emotionally sensitive. It answers many of the questions Christians may have, equipping them to speak clarity into the confusion. Every church should have this on their bookstand," she writes.

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Christian Medical Fellowship

Christian Medical Fellowship logo

CMF File 59: Gender dysphoria 

For a medical perspective on the issues, this CMF File on Gender Dysphoria would be a good place to start. 

The six-page briefing examines the ways that the views of the medical establishment have changed on gender dysphoria (formerly gender identity disorder) and presents a Biblical response.

It will be of use to medical professionals, pastors, organisations and families relating to those with gender dysphoria. 

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Good Book Company 

Primer Issue 3: Gender and sexuality

Primer Issue 03: Gender and sexuality 

Questions about sexuality and gender are everywhere in our fast-changing culture. So where have these changes come from, and what does a biblical and pastoral response look like?

Primer Issue 03 reflects on the cultural changes before turning to the Bible for a theological analysis in how Christians should respond. The final two articles in Primer explore some of the medical and public policy issues around the LGBTQ movement. 

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Mark Spansel 

Mark Spansel

How to Talk to Your Kids About Gender 

Mark Spansel, a pastor from Ohio, describes his personal experience of talking to his children about transgenderism. The conversation arose after he bumped into an old acquaintance, a young man, who was now identifying as a ‘transgender woman’.

He says: "I reassured [my children] it's normal to wrestle with such issues of identity, but that gender identity in particular is determined by God, and that transgender expressions won’t "fix" what’s going on within."

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