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The New Normal Resource Hub: In the Media 2016

In the past twelve months there have been a large number of media stories relating to gender and sexuality confusion. This page features some of these stories, along with responses from Christians in the form of comment and media interviews from Christians. 

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The New Normal Resource Hub: In the media
November 2016

Roger Kiska channel 5 watch

BBC criticised for 'transgender' exposure 

The BBC has been strongly criticised for placing a fictional audio diary about 'gender-confusion' on a website aimed at young children. 'Just a Girl' first appeared on the CBBC website in September, and follows a boy, who refers to himself as 'Amy' and takes hormone-blocking drugs.

MPs, parents and family campaigners were amongst those who expressed criticism. Watch Christian Concern's Roger Kiska speak to Channel 5 News about the issue.

Christian Concern | Mail | Telegraph

October 2016

Transgender case

Christian parents fear child will be removed 

A Christian couple has spoken out about their fear that their 'gender-confused' daughter will be taken into care if they don't agree to the changing of her name.

The girl's school and social services are supporting the 14-year-old's quest to be known as a boy, but the parents, who are being supported by the Christian Legal Centre, are clear that such a move is not in her best interests. This short interview highlights the desperate situation that the parents are facing. 

Christian Concern | ITV News at Ten | Spectator | Sunday Times | Telegraph

High Court

Court removes boy forced to live as a girl 

The High Court has removed a seven-year-old boy from his mother’s care, after it came to light that she was forcing him to live as a girl.

The judgment came after a three-year legal battle brought by the boy’s father. Mr Justice Hayden said the woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, caused her son "significant emotional harm", but since being placed into his father's care, he has settled down and is behaving as a normal boy.

 Christian Concern | Guardian | Mail | Telegraph 

August 2016

Camilla Olim

New study challenges sexuality claims 

A new study by highly reputable scholars Dr Lawrence S. Mayer and Dr Paul R. McHugh shows evidence challenging the popular claim that sexual orientation is innate.

It highlights the prevalence of mental health issues amongst the LGBT community and links a same-sex lifestyle with environmental factors such as childhood abuse. Ian Paul of the Psephizo blog discusses these findings in relation to church teaching on marriage. 

Christian Concern | Coalition for Biblical Manhood & Womanhood

American College of Pediatricians

Normalising gender dysphoria 'dangerous' 

The American College of Paediatricians has issued a statement calling for an end to the normalisation of gender dysphoria, which is leading to confused children being sterilised. 

The College argues that with 80% of gender dysphoria cases in children resolving themselves by late adolescence, the push for medical intervention can cause permanent harm, violating "the long-standing medical ethics principle of 'First do no harm.'" The College described this as "criminal".

Christian Concern | CNS

July 2016
David Robertson

Mandatory LGBT teaching in Scotland 

The moderator of the Free Church of Scotland has spoken out against plans to implement mandatory teaching on LGBT issues to primary school children.

The plans, outlined earlier this year by Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon, are being pushed by campaign group Time for Inclusive Education. Rev David Robertson, however, has spoken out against the plans, saying that "indoctrinating children" is not the correct approach to tackling bullying.

Christian Concern | Herald Scotland 

UN Flags

UN to appoint global LGBT rights monitor 

The United Nations Human Rights Council has voted to appoint its first global LGBT rights monitor. 

The 47-member body will now look to appoint an 'independent expert', to monitor and report on violence against individuals on the basis of their 'gender identity' and sexual orientation. The initiative passed, 23 to 18, with six abstaining, with concerns raised over the threat posed to Christian freedom, and those who want to uphold God's pattern for marriage and family.

Christian Concern | NY Times | The Week | UN News Centre

June 2016
school skirt

Schools embrace 'gender-neutral' uniforms  

Eighty state schools are changing their uniform policy to take advantage of a government funded 'gender neutral' dress code. References to gender in uniform policies have been dropped to allow boys as young as five to wear skirts. The move is a result of pressure from LGBTQI activists, who claim uniform policies 'discriminate' against those questioning their gender. 

Listen to Andrea Williams discuss 'gender neutral' uniform policies on BBC Radio 4's Today.

Christian Concern | Guardian | Mail | Telegraph | Times


Prisons to respect 'self-identified gender' 

'Transgender' criminals may soon be able to serve their sentences in the prison of their choice, under new official guidance. 

The new policy for England and Wales will also require prisons to respect the "self-identified gender" of inmates and ensure they have access to items that will "enable their gender expressions", such as hair dye and makeup. The review into the current policy of UK prisons concluded that too much emphasis was placed on inmates' gender at birth. 

Christian Concern | Times

St Matthews Church, Walsall

LGBT congregation to launch in Lichfield 

A congregation specifically for individuals who identify as LGBT will be launched this summer by the CofE. Monthly services for the initiative, True North, will begin in August and will initially take place at St Matthew's Walsall, despite most of the church’s leaders opposing same-sex 'marriage'. 

"We as the church do need to be inviting people to come as they are, but not allow them to stay as they are," Andrea Williams said.

Christian Concern | Christian Today

April 2016

BBC to have 8% LGBT workforce by 2020 

The BBC has announced that it will ensure that those who identify as LGBT will comprise 8% of its workforce by 2020, in a bid to be "truly representative" of the UK population. 

The ‘diversity' strategy has also set quotas for women, the disabled, and ethnic minority backgrounds, but no provision has been made for religion and belief. The BBC's LGBT quota is also over-representative, as those who identify as LGBT make up only 1.6% of the UK population. 

Christian Concern | BBC | Spectator

Click to watch

College students can't 'identity' gender  

The Family Policy Institute of Washington has produced a video highlighting the confusion surrounding identity, in light of recent discussions on gender-neutral bathrooms. 

The video amusingly yet tragically shows US college students struggling to explain why a short white man is not a tall Asian woman. "This isn't moral relativism, it's a completely fact-free new moral code, one based entirely on consent and harm", says David French on the National Review website. 

National Review

Talk 2 Me Radio Link

Four-year-olds told to 'choose gender' 

Parents have expressed deep concern after receiving a letter advising them to help their children choose their gender before they start primary school. 

Brighton and Hove City Council sent a letter to hundreds of families to inform them which primary school their child would be attending this September. The letter also asked parents to respond with the child’s 'preferred' gender. The letter has been met with anger by many parents who believe this a "dangerous approach".

BBC | Mail | Telegraph

March 2016
Libby on Premier Radio

'Transgender' day at primary school 

Children as young as four will be encouraged to 'explore' their sexuality at a Church of England primary school’s planned 'transgender day'.

Three sets of parents will take their children out of school for the day and a further ten have told the headteacher they are "unhappy" with the plans. Speaking to to Premier radio about the story, Christian Legal Centre case worker Libby Powell said children need to be "lovingly affirmed in the gender that God has given them". 

Christian Concern | Christian Today | Mirror

children school

More children treated for 'gender confusion' 

The NHS Gender Identity Disorder Service treated 1,013 children for 'gender confusion' between April and December last year, The Sun revealed. This is a 1,000 per cent increase over the past five years. But studies strongly suggest that feelings of gender confusion in young children are often temporary.

Andrea Williams commented: "When children express confusion like this, we need to be affirming their God-given identity and helping them to understand their birth gender."

Christian Concern | The Sun

LGBT Stamps

UN will not withdraw LGBT stamps

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has ignored strong criticism over the recent promotion of the LGBT agenda through a new set of postage stamps. The stamps were introduced as part of the 'Free and Equal' campaign last month, and depict same-sex couples and parenting.

Nigerian ambassador Usman Sarki said: "The UN should not take unilateral decisions on such sensitive matters that offend the sensibilities of the majority of its member states."

Christian Concern | Life Site

February 2016

CofE Chief recognised with LGBT awards  

The Chief of Staff of the Church of England Pensions Board has been been recognised by two national LGBT award bodies. Lee Marshall, who co-founded an LGBT network within the CofE's head offices at Church House, sits at no. 12 in the 'Out at Work - Top 50 LGBT Executives' and is a nominee for the 'Inspirational Role Model 2016 Award' at the British LGBT Awards.

Christian Concern's Wilberforce Director, Dr Joe Boot, says the church should hold to truth, not follow the changing tides of culture. 

Out at Work 

January 2016

Schoolchildren asked to 'define' gender 

Parents have expressed concern after children in Brighton and Hove were asked how they 'define their gender' as part of a government survey.

The survey was developed by the Office of the Children's Commissioner for England for pupils aged 13-18. 'Genders' listed included "gender non conforming" and "tri-gender". Christian Concern's Andrew Marsh spoke about the survey on Talk2Me Radio on Thursday, saying the questionnaire was ideologically motivated. 

Christian Concern | Mail | Telegraph

Teens 'should be able to change gender' 

Children as young as 16 should be allowed legally to 'change' their gender, according to a new report by the Women and Equalities Committee.

The report also recommends changes such as individuals being able to "self-declare" gender and introducing mandatory 'gender issues' training for school staff. "We must encourage young people to be that which God has created them to be, not condition them to distort their God-given sexuality," Andrea Williams said. 

Christian Concern | BBC | Mail

children school

Transitioning normalised in primary schools 

As many as 80 primary school children a year have reportedly expressed a desire to 'change' their gender. Children as young as four are beginning the process of transitioning, according to one source, and many children appear to be influenced by classmates who transition. 

Andrea Williams commented: "When children express confusion like this, we need to be affirming their God-given identity and helping them to understand their birth gender." 

Christian Concern



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