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New book equips Christians under pressure in the UK

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A new book, published by Evangelical Press, confronts the escalating political challenges facing Bible-believing Christians in Britain since the turn of the Millennium.

'Christians in the Community of the Dome' (100 pages) is written by Julian Mann.

Publisher Graham Hind said: "This is an unusual book for unusual times. Reading the timelines author Julian Mann has constructed connects many events most Christians are already aware of and puts them in a format that allows a proper assessment of the flow of history in our time.

"The scenarios the book presents are a clarion call to wake up to the situation we face and a reminder that our sovereign Lord is at work in all that happens. Julian Mann is assisted by contributions from journalist and author Peter Hitchens, and Andrew Symes of Anglican Mainstream."

Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of the Christian Legal Centre, which has defended many of the Christians cited in the timelines, wrote the foreword:

"Julian shows that the only hope in our times is found in Christ for culture. When Christians believe the promises of God’s word, and act on their belief, our Lord Himself promises that they can remove mountains.

"When their faith is sterile and anorexic, they are ineffectual, and Satan in time gains wide dominance in the world (Matthew 17:14–21). That’s a description of our culture and the one that Julian confronts us with."

The book has also been hugely informed by the annual reviews produced by the Christian Institute since 2001.

Julian Mann said: "It is a bold move by Evangelical Press to publish a book like this. I pay tribute to my publisher Graham Hind for his enormous patience in dealing with the volume of correspondence that this book seems to have provoked even before publication."



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