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At Christian Concern we campaign on a wide range of issues that impact our nation. We want to raise a Christian voice of truth and hope in these areas. If you browse the topics we address you will find information, media, news stories and resources that are available for your use.


October 14th, 2016 | End of life
The Dutch government is to draft a law that would allow assisted suicide for those who feel their life is 'complete' – even if they are not terminally ill.
October 13th, 2016 | Abortion
The Humanity and Equality in Abortion Reform (HEAR) campaign has issued a press statement announcing the launch of a new petition, which calls for abortion law reform on the Isle of Man.
83 UK evangelical leaders from a variety of backgrounds, churches and organisations have signed a letter to the College of Bishops, regarding The Church of England’s current discussions on the issue of human sexuality.
Major Anglican leaders have issued a joint statement affirming that same-sex unions are "contrary to God's design", warning the Church of England of “serious implications” should it decide to offer ‘blessings’ to same-sex couples.
In this piece, Dr Joe Boot, Christian Concern's Wilberforce Director, writes about Channel Four's "skillful" collaboration with Andrew Foreshew-Cain.
October 7th, 2016 | Family, Social
The House of Commons has published a briefing paper, examining some of the arguments for and against the introduction of "no-fault divorce".
October 7th, 2016 | Islam
In this piece Tim Dieppe examines the possible origins of Islam. He refers to the book 'Qur’anic Geography' - written by Middle Eastern historian, Dan Gibson. 
October 7th, 2016 | Social
In this piece Christian Concern's Wilberforce Director, Dr Joe Boot, the life of William Wilberforce, the claims of Scripture, and understanding the times we live in.
October 7th, 2016 | Abortion, End of life
Poland's parliament has voted overwhelmingly to reject a Citizens' Initiative for a near-total ban on abortion, following a series of protests and international pressure.
October 6th, 2016 | Abortion, Social
In this piece Christian Concern's Communications Officer, Amy Poduval, reviews Sally Philips' documentary; 'A world without Down's syndrome?'
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