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Book review: What Are They Teaching The Children?

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What are they teaching the children? explores the way that secular values have influenced the education system in Britain.

Clive Ireson, Director of the Association of Christian Teachers (ACT) offers a review. This article first appeared in ACT's Winter 2017 edition.

Education in the UK was originally the 'family business' of the church. This timely, and at times controversial book seeks to explore how education in the UK has developed or been derailed over the years.

The book delves into core values and clearly states that there is a difference between right and wrong and that as Christians we cannot accept 'in the name of tolerance, ...that which causes harm'.

The book explores the relationship between the parent and the state and who has ultimate responsibility for educating a child and that indeed parents have a right to ensure education is in 'conformity with their own religious... convictions'.

Relationships and Sex Education is covered in detail in the book and exposes the agendas of the many different pressure groups wanting to influence the minds of young children. As a Christian community we mustn't bury our heads in the sand on this issue – but many parents will be shocked and horrified to learn about the lifestyles being offered to children as 'normal' as part of education.

A strong case in the book is made for a daily act of collective worship in schools, (as required by law, but often ignored). It is clear that the act of worship can allow children to explore their moral responsibility , service to others and prevent extremism.

So this book, a collection of essays by various authors is recommended to you. I hope it will open a debate across the country that will allow once more Christian values, Christian love and Christian education to be demonstrated in our schools leading to a far healthier society. 

What are they Teaching the Children is available to purchase on Amazon, starting at £5.99 for Kindle and £12 for a paperback


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