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Bishop of Liverpool supports motion to ban therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction

The Bishop of Liverpool Paul Bayes spoke at General Synod in support of Jayne Ozanne's motion to ban therapy for those with unwanted same-sex attraction.

During his speech, he said: "LGBTI orientation and identity is not a crime, not a sickness, and is not a sin," claiming that "a therapeutic model" is therefore "not appropriate" and is "spiritually abusive".

He also said that people within the church should be given the choice to live in "faithful, permanent, stable" same-sex sexual relationships.

Jayne Ozanne’s motion was passed. Andrea Williams commented: "This motion has effectively barred individuals from intentionally seeking help to move away from unwanted same-sex attraction. This sends a message that the Church believes there is no repentance or freedom available for those who experience same-sex attraction and the desire to act upon it. It is a denial of the gospel and the saving power of Jesus Christ."

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