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  • Forced sterilisation of Trans citizens across the European Union should be a banned practice according to a report approved and adopted by members of the EU’s parliament yesterday (Tuesday 14 February).

    364 MEPs supported the recommendation along with the wider Beccera report which advised on how to promote the mental health well-being of the EU’s LGBTI citizenry.

    The news comes as Turkey has been criticised for forcing trans people to go through a sterilisation and as France scrapped its own laws forcing individuals to do the same.

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  • Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe issued a new warning about the looming threat posed by "brutalised and militarised" extremists returning from Syria.

    He said he believed that IS fighters and terrorists were "political criminals" who were carrying out "horrific violence" which had no justification in the Muslim religion.

    But he warned that the terror group was continuing to lure recruits by claiming that Islam supported its actions and that the authorities needed the help of Muslim scholars and others to challenge this false narrative.

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  • A Senate inquiry into marriage equality has unanimously rejected several proposed forms of discrimination against LGBTI people, including the ability for civil celebrants to reject their weddings.

    The Senate committee on the government’s same-sex marriage bill exposure draft released its consensus report on Wednesday, winning praise from advocates and raising hopes of cross-party co-operation to legislate it in this term of parliament.

    The report recommends creating a new category of independent religious celebrants who would be allowed to refuse to marry couples on the basis of the celebrant’s religious belief.

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  • A lack of sex and relationships education (SRE) in some of England's secondary schools is creating a "ticking sexual health time bomb", councils say.

    Sex education should be compulsory in all state secondary schools, the Local Government Association (LGA) believes.

    It says pupils are not being prepared for adulthood and so are vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections.

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  • The number of abortion pills being bought online in Britain is increasing, data shown to the Victoria Derbyshire programme suggests.

    Government figures show 375 doses, sent to addresses in England, Wales, and Scotland, were seized in 2016, compared with just five in 2013.

    Taking the pills while pregnant without medical approval is illegal in the UK.

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  • Half of Anglicans believe there is nothing wrong with same-sex relationships, a survey shows.

    Ahead of the Church of England General Synod's debate on the issue of gay marriage on Wednesday, new data reveals that 50 per cent of Anglicans believe that same-sex relationships are "not wrong at all".

    The findings, which come from NatCen's British Social Attitudes survey, show that Anglican opinions towards same-sex relationships have been softening over time but acceptance is highest (73 per cent) among those with no religion. 

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  • The Church of England is today set to back a call to lower the maximum stake on fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) from £100 to as little as £2.

    In a co-ordinated campaign against the machines known as gambling’s "crack cocaine", the London Diocese will move that members of the General Synod lobby the government to cut the maximum stake on the betting terminals "very substantially".

    The Most Rev Alan Smith, Bishop of St Albans, will further propose an amendment to the motion to reduce the maximum stake to £2.

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  • The failure to help children of hard-drinking parents is putting lives in danger, MPs will say on Wednesday.

    The warning comes as a cross-party alliance launches its manifesto to help the 2.6million children being brought up by alcoholic parents.

    The blueprint calls for a national strategy for children of alcoholics, action to curtail the promotion of booze, better funding and more education about the dangers of heavy drinking.

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  • On Wednesday 15 February the Church of England General Synod will decide whether or not to "take note" of the House of Bishops' report on marriage and same-sex relationships.

    Within the Church, it is now very clear that the two main positions held are irreconcilable.

    On the one hand are the "conservatives", represented by the Evangelicals and Anglo-Catholics, who hold to the biblical and traditional position of monogamous heterosexual marriage. 

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  • Plans to cut the size of the House of Lords risk being seen as "stitch up", campaigners have warned.

    Slashing the number of peers rather than scrapping cronies' appointments will be seen as a "shut off valve" to stifle further reform, according to the Electoral Reform Society.

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