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  • April 19, 2017 (LiveActionNews) -- Over the past several decades, medical advances have hit the abortion industry hard. Ultrasounds allowed mothers to see their preborn babies firsthand; increasing knowledge in the field of embryology has given people newfound understanding of the humanity of the preborn.

    Learning about fetal pain struck a huge blow to support for violent second-trimester, D&E abortions (which can be learned about in the video below, with former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino).

    The more science discovers about preborn children, the less willing people are to support abortion. And doctors and scientists still have so much more to learn.

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  • The more creeping sharia takes place in the West, the more Western leaders and elites seem to be in denial about it all. It is as if massive dark fog has fallen over the media, our political leaders, and the intelligentsia. But it is not some external illness or virus, but internal, wilful denial of reality.

    These folks have decided ahead of time, against all the evidence, that the political ideology known as Islam really is the "religion of peace". That is the leftist narrative and no amount of evidence to the contrary will ever change their minds.

    They refuse to face the facts, and the facts are these: Islam is an archaic, murderous, blood-thirsty death cult. It has been so from day one, and it has been responsible for millions of deaths over its 1400-year history. Every day that we open our newspapers or turn on our televisions we find more compelling proof of this fact.

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  • A police investigation into a women's rights campaigner in Belfast has been dropped after her workplace was raided for abortion pills last month.

    Helen Crickard's Belfast workshop was raided by the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) on March 8th with a search warrant for abortion pills and "instruments that could cause an abortion". Ms Crickard, who was in City Hall at the time of the raid for an International Women's Day event, said the search warrant included the seizure of all electronic devices with internet capability.

    "If I had been there they would have taken my phone and my laptop. I was totally taken aback when I heard about the search. They said they had intercepted abortion pills coming to my address in my name. But they didn't find anything and just left."

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  • We call on the National Union of Teachers unequivocally to withdraw its motion calling for the promotion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT+) issues to children, starting at nursery.

    The current campaign actively to promote LGBT+ issues starting at nursery is part of an ideological agenda to undermine and ultimately destroy the traditional values on which our society is based. While lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adults may see the cultural and social normalization of their sexual preferences as top priority, we maintain that to force such consciousness onto children, who by definition lack the emotional maturity to assimilate and process such behavioural 'norms', is a form of child abuse. It will inevitably encourage children to experiment with behaviours that wouldn’t normally occur at such early age, but which carry the potential for enormous and long-lasting harm, both physical and mental.

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  • Religious schools in Austria help create "parallel societies", a new report has claimed.

    The Vienna University study found 10,000 children aged between two and six attend a Muslim preschool. However, lead author professor Ednan Aslan has claimed some preschools could be responsible for producing the homegrown terrorists of the future.

    Vienna has roughly 150 Muslim kindergartens and Mr Aslan believes at least a quarter have the backing of ultra-conservative groups.

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  • A new report from the University of Notre Dame's Under Caesar's Sword — the first systematic and global investigation into how Christian communities respond to severe violations of religious freedom — finds that 43 percent of persecuted Christians respond primarily with strategies of survival, including nimble adaptation plans to sustain the life and practices of the community, while 38 percent place primary focus on building ties with others to strengthen resilience.

    Only 19 percent engage in direct confrontation with a repressing government or entity and, with very few exceptions, responses to religious persecution are nonviolent.

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  • Traditionalists have warned they will challenge a Church of Scotland move towards the first same-sex church marriages.

    The move comes after a report prepared for the General Assembly paves the way towards greater acceptance of same-sex marriage in the church.

    As well as allowing same sex marriages there will be an apology to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people for a long history of discrimination by the Kirk.

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  • As part of its inquiry into fostering the Education Committee examines Ofsted's recently published figures, which show the reported number of applications by potential foster carers has fallen by a third and that only one in three local authority providers are rated as 'good' or 'outstanding'.

    The session explores current research into areas such as peer support for carers, educational outcomes from children in care and concerns over special guardianship orders, as well as examining whether the system for commissioning placements is fit for purpose.

    The Committee then investigates some of the new projects being piloted under the Department for Education's Innovation Programme, and considers how some local authorities are trialling new ways of working.

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  • Lib Dem leader Tim Farron has said he does not believe being gay is a sin, having earlier been criticised for not clarifying his views on the issue.

    When asked about his Christian beliefs on Channel 4 News after the election was announced, he would not say if he thought homosexuality was a sin.

    And when Conservative MP Nigel Evans asked him about the matter, Mr Farron clarified his stance.

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  • Less than half of German Christians will defend the idea of heaven and hell, a new poll has revealed.

    The study found a stark disparity between the ancient beliefs of Christianity and the views of most of its German adherents.

    Even among free and evangelical Christians – typically the most vociferous – just 49 per cent clearly defended the idea of life after death, according to Evangelical Focus.

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