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  • Education Secretary John Swinney should “do a Hammond” and ditch the controversial named-person scheme, former SNP depute leader Jim Sillars has said.

    The veteran politician warned the Scottish Government could face years of punishment if it proceeds with the policy, which was the subject of a lengthy court battle.

    Speaking at a conference organised by the No to Named Persons group (NO2NP), he also encouraged campaigners to lobby SNP backbenchers to defy ministers over fresh legislation aimed at getting the scheme up and running next year.

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  • Gay men and lesbian women face discrimination when seeking leadership positions due to the sound of their voice, a new study in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour has found. 

    The study, carried out by researchers at the University of Surrey, also found that people thought gay men should be paid less than their heterosexual counterparts. 

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  • Cathedral leaders have backed a priest who says he was rejected for a job as a Welsh bishop because he is gay.

    Dean of St Albans Cathedral Dr Jeffrey John accused the Church in Wales of homophobia after failing to become the next Bishop of Llandaff.

    His cathedral's administrative body said it was "wholly wrong" that it appears the clergyman's sexuality was used against him.

    The Church in Wales "strongly denied" the accusations of homophobia.

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  • A radio presenter who said midwives would become a thing of the past because of "everybody being bis and gays" breached the broadcasting code.

    Regulator Ofcom launched an investigation after BRFM's Dai Haywood's on-air remarks in October.

    It said the comments, coupled with others about blow-up dolls and sex toys, breached Ofcom rules.

    BRFM expressed its "deepest apologies" and said it had permanently suspended Mr Haywood.

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  • YouTube has apologized after its family-friendly "Restricted Mode" recently blocked videos by gay, bisexual and transgender creators, sparking complaints from users.

    Restricted Mode is an optional parental-control feature that users can activate to avoid content that's been flagged by an algorithm. LGBTQ YouTubers began protesting late last week after fans alerted them on social media that their videos were being hidden.

    "Sorry for all the confusion with Restricted Mode. Some videos have been incorrectly labeled and that's not right. We're on it! More to come," YouTube said on Twitter Monday afternoon.

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  • MPs grilled Justine Greening, the education secretary, plus her ministerial team, in the House of Commons this afternoon.

    Funding and grammar schools dominated the agenda, with a few other interesting issues coming out in their answers. Here’s what we learned…

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  • The Bishop of Lichfield, the Right Revd Dr Michael Ipgrave, is setting up a consultation group to provide a 'safe space' for LGBT Christians to share their views and concerns with him.

    The group is being established following the recent debate at General Synod on same-sex relationships.

    It will include LGBT clergy and lay people from across the Diocese who will meet with Bishop Michael and share their perspectives freely and confidentially.

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  • Mark Keenan and his partner Lisa Laforte were utterly devastated when they lost their newborn son Thomas in 2015.

    Thanks to a "cuddle cot", though, the couple from Wigan, Greater Manchester were given a precious few hours with him.

    Costing £1,600, "cuddle cots" are refrigerated cribs and allow stillborn babies to stay with their parents for a while rather than being taken straight to the hospital morgue.

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  • The Real Easter Egg, which explains the real meaning of Easter (yes, it mentions Jesus), is on sale in Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons and dozens of independent retail outlets. But Sainsbury’s refuses to stock it, for some reason. Bishop Anthony Priddis was welcomed at Tesco, Bishop Andrew Watson at Morrisons, and Bishop Nigel McColloch at Waitrose. These stores have no problem with selling an Easter Egg which tells the Easter story (yes, it mentions Jesus). But when a bishop went to Sainsbury’s HQ in London, the doors remained firmly shut.

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  • A gay clergyman has accused the Anglican Church in Wales of homophobia after he was rejected for a job as a bishop.

    The Dean of St Albans, the Very Reverend Jeffrey John, was not chosen as the Bishop of Llandaff earlier this month.

    A current bishop said it would be "too much of a headache" to appoint him, he claimed.

    The Church in Wales "strongly denied" the accusations of homophobia.

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