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  • Persecution. Our Lord promised it … and at some of the 40 Days for Life vigils that just ended, our culture delivered more of it than ever before.

    And it wasn't random. Some of it was organized by the abortion industry as the defund Planned Parenthood debate heated up.

    This is one of the things we will address in the FORWARD webcast next Tuesday, April 25 at 9 pm Eastern / 6 pm Pacific.

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  • The Church of England's representative in Parliament has suggested Brexit could resolve the 'inconsistencies' in the recent European Court ruling on religious symbols.

    Speaking in Parliament this morning (Thursday), during the monthly session where MPs can ask questions relevant to the Church, the Conservative MP for Meriden said the Church of England was very concerned by the judgment of the European Court of Justice.

    Spellman said the ban: "Conflicts with the pre-existing rulings of the Court of Human Rights."

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  • Two Anglican bishops are among two dozen UK faith leaders who have signed an open letter calling for unity and understanding after several terror attacks recently.

    Bishop of Southwark Rt Rev Christopher Chessun (pictured above) and Bishop of Stepney Rt Rev Adrian Newman have joined the call for all faiths to be "calm and resolute" in the face of recent attacks in locations including Westminster and St Petersburg.

    The letter reads: "Recent attacks, such as those in Westminster, St Petersburg, Stockholm and Egypt, are an affront to faith and each one of us condemns them in the strongest possible terms - as barbaric acts of senseless violence."

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  • ere at Christ and Pop Culture we've had a running dialogue on transhumanism — the growing philosophical movement that seeks to improve humanity through the merger of human biology with advanced technologies (think Cyborg meets Transcendence). Last year, we devoted an entire issue of our magazine to this topic. And as in any good dialogue, there are differences of opinion.

    For instance, while I don't think transhumanism, in its most general sense, is necessarily incompatible with Christianity, I do think there is a prominent thread of transhumanist thought that has more in common with Gnosticism than with Christian orthodoxy.

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  • Educationalists and equalities experts will examine how schools can tackle homophobic bullying more effectively and improve the education experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans pupils in Scotland, the government has announced.

    The setting up of a working group – chaired by the Association of Directors of Education (ADES) – was announced by the minister for higher and further education, Shirley-Anne Somerville, last night.

    The announcement – which follows the passing of a motion at the SNP spring conference calling for such a group to be established – came during a Scottish parliament debate where it was highlighted that 90 per cent of LGBT people experienced prejudice at school.

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  • Perhaps you’ve already seen the new Dove soap commercial featuring a transgender "mom" (see above). Such displays are ubiquitous in pop culture these days, but this one caught my eye. This one stood out because it is not only redefining male and female, but it is also redefining mom and dad.

    My question for those who accept transgender identities is this: Are there any limits on who can "identify" as a mom? If being a mom really comes down to how one self-identifies, what is the limiting principle here? Here's what I mean.

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  • A new map has revealed Britain's gay capitals - with rural Devon and Cambridgeshire nearly as popular as London, Brighton and Manchester.

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published its research on the number of people who are gay, lesbian and bisexual in the UK.

    Its findings are broken down by county and local authority using data from 2013 to 2015.

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  • Governments have long agreed that abortion cannot be a part of family planning. The World Health Organization has gone along with that consensus until now. Recent journal articles by WHO researchers demonstrate the powerful global agency now rejects that consensus.

    Women who want to "avoid pregnancy" following government guidelines in the wake of the Zika scare in Latin America "will need family planning services such as contraception and access to safe abortion," according to one article that goes on to propose “evaluations of the barriers to access, availability, utilization and readiness of contraception, abortion and post-abortion services.”

    The statement that abortion is a "family planning service" contradicts what the UN General Assembly has agreed for decades, namely, that "under no circumstance should abortion be promoted as a method of family planning."

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  • The British Humanist Association (BHA) and Young Humanists have published today a comprehensive guide for non-religious parents and young people, offering support and advice on how to navigate an education system increasingly subject to undue religious influence. The guide comes in the week that parents all over England discovered at which primary school their children have been offered a place for the next school year.

    Religion in schools: a guide for non-religious parents and young people in England and Wales is free to download from the BHA's website and aims to ensure that non-religious people are fully aware of their rights and the law as it relates to 'faith' schools and religion in schools more generally. The advice covers a range of areas, including Religious Education, Collective Worship, school admissions, and the teaching of Science, all of which can pose particular problems for non-religious families.

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  • Justine Greening has revealed that coming out as a lesbian is the 'best thing' she has done.

    The Education Secretary said she was persuaded to disclose her sexuality by her girlfriend, who insisted it could make life easier for other gay people.

    She posted about her sexuality on Twitter last summer – becoming the first openly lesbian Cabinet minister.

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