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  • While Christians welcome specific secular arguments for marriage that contribute to sound public policy, our civilization can’t eventually avoid a head-on clash between Christian sexual ethics and non-Christian sexual ethics as they play themselves out in our culture. The problem with secular arguments for sexual ethics (including arguments for “traditional” marriage [= marriage]) is that they spring from the same root as arguments for same-sex “marriage”: human autonomy.


  • Female managers are more likely to favour gay and lesbian job applicants over heterosexual candidates who are just as well qualified, according to a study which suggested that men preferred to recruit straight candidates.

    Academics at the University of Sussex claimed that the study was the first to discover a positive bias for gay and lesbian jobseekers.

    It was based on the responses of 400 participants who were shown four fictitious CVs. One was clearly from a lesbian, one from a gay man and the other two from a straight woman and straight man. Homosexuality was indicated through membership of a gay professionals group. All other details, including candidates’ professional experience, were the same.

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  • Donald Trump's government has revoked guidance to US public schools that allowed transgender students to use toilets matching their gender identity.

    The guidance, issued by his predecessor Barack Obama, had been hailed by as a victory for transgender rights.

    But critics said it threatened other students' privacy and safety, and should be decided at state level.

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  • The German state of Bavaria has announced plans to ban the full-face veil in government workplaces, schools, universities and while driving.

    "Communication happens not only via language but also looks, facial expressions and gestures," said state Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann.

    But critics say the ban will have little practical impact in a state with only a small number of Muslims.

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  • Supreme court justices have unanimously backed Theresa May's "particularly harsh" £18,600 minimum income rule for British citizens to bring non-European spouses into Britain that campaigners say has led to tens of thousands of families being separated.

    But the supreme court ruling does acknowledge that the rule has caused hardship for thousands, and criticises the lack of focus on the treatment of children and the ability of Home Office staff to consider alternative assets when they assess the earning ability of the British spouse.

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  • New YouGov research finds that whilst just under half of Britons think that people are born gay, 31% believe homosexuality is a choice

    Despite the weight of scientific evidence suggesting that homosexuality is not a choice, new research by YouGov finds that nearly one in three Britons (31%) still believe that being gay or lesbian is just the way some people choose to live.

    By contrast, just under half of Britons (49%) believe that people are born gay or lesbian, whilst a further 3% believe that it is the result of a person’s upbringing. The remaining 17% don’t know one way or the other.

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  • In this summary and analysis of recent events in the Church of England Peter Sanlon concludes that we must face a

    spiritual analysis of what is going on in the Church of England. The House of Bishops have commended to the international Anglican Church a blueprint for the Church of England, which they are committed to delivering. Their paper on same-sex marriage and pastoral care divides the teaching of Jesus Christ, from the praxis of what Jesus Christ says his church should uphold. In so doing, they have commended a vision to the church which is abhorrent to Jesus Christ.

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  • The Bishop of Manchester is calling for the Church of England to move forward in its acceptance of gay couples after a report keeping the traditional teaching on marriage was thrown out.

    Rt Rev David Walker says the Church must offer gay people 'much, much more than the maximum freedom' recommended in a largely conservative report rejected by its ruling body last week.

    In a growing sign senior figures may be moving towards an increasingly liberal attitude towards gay relationships, he said the CofE must be 'purposefully paradoxical'.

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  • In January 1956, five American Christian missionaries were brutally killed by members of a remote Amazonian tribe.

    The missionaries had made contact with the Auca, or Huaorani tribe a year earlier, in an attempt to convert them to Christianity.

    A small nomadic tribe, the Huaorani were notoriously suspicious of outsiders.

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  • A new toy billed as the world's "first transgender doll" has created a buzz on social media.

    Thousands of tweets about the product unveiled by the Tonner Doll Company have been posted since it was announced that the doll would make its first appearance at this week's New York Toy Fair.

    The doll is modelled on a teenage activist who was born a boy, but lives as a female. Jazz Jennings shot to fame when she was interviewed about her gender dysphoria by US TV presenter Barbara Walters.

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